Manufacture and supply Zirconia Powder, Zirconium Chemicals, Advance Ceramics, Industrial Minerals by Raj Purohit Group of Enterprises in India. Mineral Processing Company as Advance Ceramic Materials, Industrial Minerals.
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Zirox -CP
 Co-precipitated zirconia powders 
3 Mol% Yttria Stabilized Tetragonal Zirconia
Powders ( TZP)
Zirox -CP-TZY-3n
Sinterable at 1350'C without Binder
Zirox-CP TZY-3nSB
Sinterable at 1350'C,Spray Dried with Binder
Sinterable at 1450 1530'C,without Binder
Spray Dried with Binder, Sinterable at 1450-1530'C
Monoclinic Zirconia Powders
monoclinic zirconia
nano monoclinic zirconia
8 Mol% Yttrium Fully
Stabilized Zirconia
Zirox-CP-FZY 8n
Thermal Zirconia Powders
Monoclinic zirconia
nano Monoclinic Zirconia
submicronised zirconia
3um zirconia
325 mesh zirconia
granular zirconia
Monoclinic zirconia
7-8% yttria stabilized Zirconia
TZY-TBC-SDP -8% yttria     Stabilized- Spray Dried Zirconia
Zirconia Toughened Alumina(s)
Nano ZTA
Zirox CP-ZTA
(Sinterable at 1560'C)
(Ready to press)
Rare Earths
Yttrium Oxide
Cerium Oxide
Technology & applications of Zirconia powder
Zirconia beads & ceramic components
Zirconia Beads- YZB
Dental Blanks
Nano Dispersions & Powders
- TI 205
Nano Titanium Oxide
Nano Zinc Oxide dispersion
Nano Zirconium Oxide
-ZR 105
nano monoclinic zirconia dispersion

nano monoclinic zirconia
nano Tetragonal zirconia dispersion
Industrial Minerals
Zircon Sand
Zircon Flour
Zirconium Silicate-5
GCC-Ground Calcium
Carbonate Powders
5um Coated
15um Uncoated
Calcia- Nano -
Ground Calcium Carbonate
    Wollsill-HAR- High Aspect Ratio
Wollsill-FBRS -
Medium Aspect Ratio

Wollsill-LL -
Low Aspect Ratio
Kaolin 86n
Kaolin 82
Silica ( Quartz) powders
(3um average particle powder)
(6um average particle powder)
Potash Feldspar
Sodium Feldspar
Particle Technology Centre
Ziroxmill-UFM technology
Dental Blanks   

Zirconia Dental Blanks/Zirconia Dental Blocks

Zirox Technologies has made assured arrangement for procurement and distribution of internationally reputed brands of zirconia blanks and blocks for dental use and committed to bring you un-comparable quality @ affordable prices. Offered high quality zirconium oxide blanks and zirconium oxide blocks may be used by milling centres or dental labs using manual or numeric mills alike kavo, Wieland, ceramill, Zirkonzahn, Venture, Sirona etc. Zirconia dental Blanks and zirconia dental Blocks are the latest solution in dental technology and perfect alternatives to metals in dental art. Optimized technological parameters enable us to offer you the guaranteed retraction ratio .user can select classic and translucent zirconia blanks for desired results in final zirconia dental prosthesis.

Arranged dental zirconia blocks are made out of high purity and specifically engineered yttria stabilized zirconia powders using advance compaction techniques which ensures the original dimension stability after sintering in the prosthesis. Before sintering they can be coloured. Our zirconia dental products are fully bio-compatible and offers the best aesthetic results due to its controlled optical and light transmission properties. Dental experts will surely accept our dental blocks as perfectly integrates with ceramic teeth.zirconia blanks offered by us are CE certified.

Why zirconia blanks in Dental applications?
Zirconia has extremely high tensile strength, and is referred to as ceramic steel.
It virtually eliminates any allergic reactions.
It is not an electrical conductor, so it doesn't generate an electrical charge. Electrical conductivity contributes to the corrosion of other metals in the mouth.
Being non-metallic, there is no corrosion. Therefore, gingival reactions like the usual "black line" at the gum line of traditional porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations, will not occur.
As an insulator, it protects against unpleasant hot/cold sensitivity in the mouth.
zirconium oxide ceramic materials have been used for over twenty years in medicine, mainly for hip replacements. These materials have shown over this long history that they are fully biocompatible. And it only stands to reason--they consist mainly of minerals which are also found in natural bone tissue.
Physical & mechanical properties of sintered zirconia Composition of zirconia
Crystal grain size 0.5um ZrO2
(+ HfO2)
Colour White Y2O3 5.39
Resistant to fracture 9-10MPa m1/2 Al2O3 0.253
Flexural strength 900-1200 MPa SiO2 0.016
Co-efficient of thermal expansion 10.6 Fe2O3 0.002
Density 6.08 g/cm3 Na2O3 0.0025
Flexural modulus 200 GPa    
Micro hardness 1000-1300 Vickers    
Zirconia Dental Blanks/Zirconia Dental Blocks

Zirconia Discs & Blocks

Classic & Translucent Discs in 100 mm /98.5mm dia
100mm diameter Classic Discs 100mm diameter translucent Discs 98.5mm diameter classic discs 98.5mm translucent discs
Classic & Translucent Zirconia dental square, Disk and Parralelepiped Blanks
Classic squares Translucent squares Translucent discs & Parallelepiped
Translucent system with plots Manual system-translucent
Other available sizes of discs:
  • A- 98mm dia with/without steps for free CAD/CAM or manual systems: Thickness;12,14,16,18,20mm
  • B- Blanks for Sirona in Lab: 40/15,40/19,55/19,65/25
  • C- Blanks for manula Zirconzahn system: Size 12 er,9er 
  • D- Blanks for CAD?ACM zirconzahn systems: 95mm dia 14,16,18,20 mm thickness
  • E-Full contour zirconia dics-FC 98mm dia x 14,20mm thickness-translucency rank-5.
  • F-YZ-HS Blocks for
    1. 3M® EMPS LavaTM
    2. KaVo® Everest®
    3. CERCONTM 
    4. Wieland® ZrTM
    5. Sirona® inCorisTM ZI
    6. VITA® YZ
    7. IPS e.max® ZirCAD
    8. Glidewell® CZ 9. etkon®
zirconia dental products are not manufactured by us.All zirconia dental blanks items are procured from reputed foreign manufacturere.User must ascertain their suitability at their own cost and risk.
  Team RGe 
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