Manufacture and supply Zirconia Powder, Zirconium Chemicals, Advance Ceramics, Industrial Minerals by Raj Purohit Group of Enterprises in India. Mineral Processing Company as Advance Ceramic Materials, Industrial Minerals.
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Zirox -CP
 Co-precipitated zirconia powders 
3 Mol% Yttria Stabilized Tetragonal Zirconia
Powders ( TZP)
Zirox -CP-TZY-3n
Sinterable at 1350'C without Binder
Zirox-CP TZY-3nSB
Sinterable at 1350'C,Spray Dried with Binder
Sinterable at 1450 1530'C,without Binder
Spray Dried with Binder, Sinterable at 1450-1530'C
Monoclinic Zirconia Powders
monoclinic zirconia
nano monoclinic zirconia
8 Mol% Yttrium Fully
Stabilized Zirconia
Zirox-CP-FZY 8n
Thermal Zirconia Powders
Monoclinic zirconia
nano Monoclinic Zirconia
submicronised zirconia
3um zirconia
325 mesh zirconia
granular zirconia
Monoclinic zirconia
7-8% yttria stabilized Zirconia
TZY-TBC-SDP -8% yttria     Stabilized- Spray Dried Zirconia
Zirconia Toughened Alumina(s)
Nano ZTA
Zirox CP-ZTA
(Sinterable at 1560'C)
(Ready to press)
Rare Earths
Yttrium Oxide
Cerium Oxide
Technology & applications of Zirconia powder
Zirconia beads & ceramic components
Zirconia Beads- YZB
Dental Blanks
Nano Dispersions & Powders
- TI 205
Nano Titanium Oxide
Nano Zinc Oxide dispersion
Nano Zirconium Oxide
-ZR 105
nano monoclinic zirconia dispersion

nano monoclinic zirconia
nano Tetragonal zirconia dispersion
Industrial Minerals
Zircon Sand
Zircon Flour
Zirconium Silicate-5
GCC-Ground Calcium
Carbonate Powders
5um Coated
15um Uncoated
Calcia- Nano -
Ground Calcium Carbonate
    Wollsill-HAR- High Aspect Ratio
Wollsill-FBRS -
Medium Aspect Ratio

Wollsill-LL -
Low Aspect Ratio
Kaolin 86n
Kaolin 82
Silica ( Quartz) powders
(3um average particle powder)
(6um average particle powder)
Potash Feldspar
Sodium Feldspar
Particle Technology Centre
Ziroxmill-UFM technology
Nano and wet milling, dispersion cum particle size reduction

By applying our zirox-nanomill technolgies customers can achieve desired levels of particle size reduction on nano meter particle size range. We have proven trial results for different materials.

Apart from this our nano technology is capable of producing dispersion of nano materials down to 50nm.

Zirox-nano mill is available in different versions for micron-submicron size wet grinding cum dispersion and separately for nano size particle reduction and dispersion in different medium/solvents. Zirox -nanomill serves to cater the needs of lab and commercial scale production of nano materials,nano rare earths,nano ceramic materials,nano electronic materials,nano battery materials,nano minerals, nano glazes,nano medicines and other nano dispersions various applications

Particle size reduction capabilities
For micron and submicron particle range:
For wet grinding we have established capabilities to reduce particle sizes 100% <5um to 100% < 1um,100% ,0.33um. We have many trial results for various materials for above particle size ranges.

In certain cased we have achieved particle size reduction 100% <0.33um having D50 as 0.11um.
Nano particle size reduction and dispersion:

On nano powder and dispersion applications we have capability to offer nano milling system for 10 100nm-1000nm particle size range. Systems are tailor made for different solvent compatibility. Water dispersion is preferred one apart from alcohol based solvents. Solid loading ratio could be 1-50% by weight % which results in energy saving and making the products cost effective.

We guarantee lowest possible contamination or metal free particle size reduction to pharma, food, ceramic oxide, rare earths, mineral, metal oxide etc materials to achieve above particle size range. Our milling systems may be used for continuous and batch type operation as desired by user industries. For carrying in-house research and development work we offer lab bead mills also 300-400ml and 1.5-2ltr versions.

Our wet grinding bead mill, nano mills are available in complete wear resistant white ceramic product contact parts for contamination free processing. Standard bead mills are available in wear resistant hard metal product contact parts or in PU product contact parts.

Zirox-nanomill is smart solution for production of various types of nano powders and dispersion at economical capital investment.

Before deciding the purchases/capacity of the mill, buyers are requested to take trials on our lab or pilot mills for ascertaining the throughput and levels of processing impurities which is a chargeable service.

The chamber volume of the milling system starts from 300ml t0 1.5-2 to 3,5,10,20,30 ltr and onward capacity.

We have assured approach to carry following analysis (at Advanced Ceramic Research Centre) before and after trials to ensure the performance of our equipments and the products of customers:
Measurement of particle size using advance laser particle size analyzer/Malvern master sizer 2000,
Zeta potential
SEM/TEM imaging
Phase detection via XRD
Whiteness –L.A .B values via colour meter
Hardness measurement (Vickers hardness)
3 or 4 point bending strength 
fracture toughness
Compaction of powder using advanced hydraulic press 
Sintering of powder sample ( <1600’C
For new or desirous companies we can undertake to develop cost effective milling system to produce required particle size distribution range. Further we can find processing additives and offer them continuing processing equipments system including spray dryers to produce dry powders or free flowing granules. Thus enabling the interested customers decide wisely.Equipments and trial cost is comparatively too low when compared with European and US suppliers .If the buyer desires we can club and source equipments from renowned manufacturer’s also as per choice
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  Team RGe 
RGe may be contacted at its head quarters:
F-8, PHASE III, RIICO INDUSTRIAL AREA, Beawar 305901. Rajasthan – India.
Tel +91 1462 512340, fax +91 1462 226966,  Mobile +91 9414009700
Email: ssr@zirox.co.in, zirox50@gmail.com .
Website: www.zirox.co.in
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